• BERSERK THE CATACLYSM07/12/2017 14:16

    ​Discounts on Ounces packs!

    Greetings, Ungars! This time we've prepared an offer for you to replenish your treasuries or strengthen your squads! You'll have a 30% off the 500, 1.300 and 2.200 Ounces packs! Best regards, The Berserk: The Cataclysm Team

  • ZULA07/12/2017 13:53

    Get the skin Europe for MPT-76 and MPT-76S!

      This weekend we bring you the Europe skin! This Saturday, 09/12/2017, from 12:00 (CET) until 23:59 (CET), buying the 100,000, 160,000 or 200,000 Zula Gold packs you will receive the new Europe skin for MPT-76 and MPT-76S!   Also, as you know, you will get extra gold when you buy these packs!   Do not miss this opportunity to get gold and this skin Europe!   See you on the battlefield!

  • PC FÚTBOL23/10/2017 11:37

    Register today and you will receive a gift code for the launch day of PC Football 18!

    Registering today you will get a gift code that you will be able to redeem in the game on launch day to earn half of your annual budget! We hope to see you managing your club and reaching the glory with him! Best regards, The IDC/Games Team

  • PC FÚTBOL20/10/2017 14:08

    The legendary PC Football will be available about the middle of November!

    Register now and obtain and exclusive item for the launch day clicking here! The mythical PC Football is back in Mobile/Tablet/PC-MAC format completely renewed and with new functionalities! The game will be available in Mobile/Tablet during November and for PC in early 2018. Control your club: signings, trainings, finances and other fundamental aspects. Bring your team to the top! Get the best players, plan the training sessions, extend your stadium, ...

  • ZULA27/07/2017 16:17

    Special Mission: Time

    Date: 07/28 (12:00) - 07/30 (23:59) Objective: Play during 120 minutes Reward: TAR-21 (3 days) + Combo Bonus 15% (3 days)

  • ZULA26/07/2017 12:09


    We told you will not get bored this summer. After the recently released V1.13 update, V1.14 arrives! Here we show you all the features that we have prepared for you. Gallipoli Map The new map Gallipoli is set in the city with the same name located south of the European part of Turkey. It is known for the Battle of Gallipoli that took place during the World War I in 1915. British and French forces fighted against the Ottoman Empire for the control of the Gallipoli peninsula. That is ...

  • ZULA26/07/2017 10:23

    Patch Notes v1.14

    Dear users, A new patch is now available! Read below to learn more about the latest changes. - New Escort mode added - New Gallipoli map added - New Special bombs: C5, Double C5, Flashbang M52 and Smoke TRP90 - New Esports Skins: P90 Esports 2017, M468 Esports 2017, DSR-1 Esports 2017 and Desert Eagle Esports 2017 - New Skin: MPT-76 & MPT-76S Europe - New Cases: Super Deck Case, Royal Case - Match Result Screen renewed - Multiple received item or multiple expired items will be shown in ...

  • ZULA26/07/2017 9:38

    Server maintenance [07/26/17]

    July 26th, starting at 09:00 (CEST), our servers will be down for 2 hours more or less due to maintenance. We'll let you know as soon as they're available again. The Zula Team

  • ZULA25/07/2017 17:12

    Special Mission: Sniper

    Date: 07/26 (12:00) - 07/26 (23:59) Objective: Score 40 sniper rifle kills Reward: L115A3 (2 days)

  • BERSERK THE CATACLYSM19/07/2017 11:48

    LXXIII Clan War

    Greetings, Ungars! We are sure you have already heard the war drums beating in the distance. Are your creatures ready to follow you into battle?  The next war starts on July 20th! Get ready, Ungars!

  • ZULA14/07/2017 11:52

    Zula Europe’s State of the game: Producer message!

    Dear players! We have decided to start a section in our youtube channel about state of the game and what is coming up; today we introduce the first video from Zula Europe’s Producer at IDC/Games, Alfredo, aka Upsetter ingame and DreadTerror in forums! Zula Europe Team

  • BERSERK THE CATACLYSM13/07/2017 17:26

    Discounts on Ounces packs!

    Greetings, Ungars! This time we've prepared an offer for you to replenish your treasuries or strengthen your squads! You'll have a 30% off the 500, 1.300 and 2.200 Ounces packs! Best regards, The Berserk: The Cataclysm Team

  • 10/01/2017 11:13

    UFO Online: Invasion is now available

    UFO Online: Invasion is now available

  • BERSERK THE CATACLYSM01/07/2016 10:31

    End of the XLVI Clan War

    Greetings, Ungars! The XLVI Clan War has come to an end! This time there were only 6 clans in the Golden League, as one had been eliminated, which means that only one clan will go down to the Silver League. The following clans will be promoted to the Golden League: Honor and Internacional. The following clans will go down to the Silver League: Deviance. See you in the next Clan War! The Berserk: The Cataclysm Team

  • KORNER 505/11/2015 9:48

    Tutoriale şi Gameplays din jocul K5

    Salutare dragi iubitori ai fotbalului, În jocul Korner 5 lucrăm în fiecare zi pentru ca experiența dvs. pe terenul de joc să fie cea mai bună posibilă și chiar să existe mai multă distracție. În această nouă secţiune "Tutoriale și Gameplays" dorim să vă oferim anumite indicii și exemple despre cum se joacă Korner 5. În fiecare săptămână Galactosa vă va oferi sfaturi și vă invităm să le comentaţi. Credeţi că v-aţi putea ...